AR 2020 Car

Renders made by Dimitris Kalpakidis. Check him out on social media https://www.instagram.com/dimitris_kalpakidis

One of the first steps to design a competitive car is to develop an aerodynamic efficient model. To achieve this, a variety of CFD tests are conducted on several design concepts. The results are analyzed and integrated into the design process, developing the car even further each time.

Design Considerations
While designing a car, we must ensure that it is compliant with all Technical Regulations and all manufacturing limitations. This stage is crucial for ensuring that the model will score all points in the specifications judging and it can be manufactured easily with success. Often, compromises between aerodynamics and regulation compliance have to be made.

Structural Rigidity - Reliability
The final stage of an F1 in Schools race consists of the stoppage of the car. To do so, fragile and easily deformed materials are used, such as cotton or wool. To help with ensuring that no breakages occur, FEA tests are conducted to verify the rigidity of the model. So, while designing a car its rigidity has to be accounted for too.

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Our team is at your disposal for any information about the competition and our actions. The competition is a life changing experience for all team members. It is very important for us to have people around us who support and believe in our abilities and vision.

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