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F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is an international STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition for students aged 9-19, involving more than 20,000,000 participants from over 44 different countries, in which they collaborate with each other and with professionals in order to design, test, develop, manufacture and race a miniature of an F1 car. However, the competition’s objectives don’t stop there. Not only do we have to raise a certain amount of money from sponsorships to complete the whole project, but we also have to promote and market our car to the public. Key skills required for this program are time and risk management, the ability to work productively in a team and many more.

The Competition

F1 in Schools is the biggest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition globally for students aged 9-19, immersing over 20000000 participants, from over 40 Nationalities, in which teams conjoin and collaborate with professionals to design, test, develop, manufacture and race a miniature F1 car. However, the competition’s aspirations don’t end there. Teams are not only asked to raise a certain amount of money from sponsorships to complete the project but are also expected to promote their market and car to the public with the intention of gaining some traction on social media profiles. Through the F1 in School process, students gain key skills, such as project management, the ability to work productively in a team, and many more which help them define their future careers and aspirations.
In this competition, we work as a team to design, develop and manufacture a miniature F1 model that is about 20 cm long and races twenty meters straight in just about a second, using the power of a compressed CO2 canister. To complete a car, we must pursue the design process and develop an understanding of the key principles of aerodynamics and engineering. Furthermore, we have to create two portfolios (Design & Engineering P. & Enterprise P.) and give a verbal presentation explaining our work in both the enterprise and engineering sectors of the competition. Currently, we are participating in the Greek Regionals, where we hope to progress to the National Finals and then, hopefully, qualify for the World Finals, which will be held in Singapore in September 2021.

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The acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) refers to the integration of teaching the four individual disciplines to all levels of education. STEM is an educational approach designed to combine technology and engineering alongside science and mathematics, all vital for the understanding of the laws of nature. The leverage of incorporating STEM into our lives is the expected future improvement, since in the near future approx. 25% of our jobs will require the implementation of STEM knowledge. Education will be forever modified from traditional classes and conferences to something more state of the art, where exploring and discovering new things in a creative manner will be the most important asset to better learning.

Life-Changing Experience

F1 in Schools is a truly unique experience that helps us acquire and improve many new skills, gain knowledge in a variety of different sectors and have an insight of the real F1 world. It gives us the opportunity to become more mature, explore and become more self-aware in preparation for our future. When faced with passion, this competition becomes a life-changing venture.

“Firstly I would like to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to take part in such a life-changing experience. F1 in Schools has taught me more things I would have ever imagined, and I would truly recommend it to anyone my age. The skills I have developed while having fun and sharing my passions with my team-mates are countless. Not only have I learnt to manage time and risks, but I’ve also learnt to use CAD and CFD software. Monitoring budgets, working under pressure, following deadlines and cooperating with my team members, but also professionals in the field, are part of this amazing experience. This program has shown me what I’m capable of and has given me a huge insight into how the F1 world and other businesses work. The passion and excitement within the team makes working more fun and helps us achieve even more. Thanks to this competition I have discovered and learnt skills that will guide me in my future academic and professional life. I hope this can be an inspiration to any other student searching for a thrilling and very educational experience.” Panagiotis Papanastasiou, Team Leader of Anatolian Racers

“In 2020 I attended the F1 in schools club in our school which was a very educational and memorable experience. This demanding and competitive experience introduced me to the beauty of the F1 project. The F1 in Schools competition offers the challenge of collaboration with fellow students and experts in the field for completing a demanding scientific task. For example, we need to do frequent meetings, discuss the project extensively and do several trial attempts in the lab. The experience of fighting for resources, financial and technical support stimulates productivity and innovation. We have to find ways to financially support our project, advertise it on social media and get financial support for its completion. With this competition, we develop unique knowledge, skills and experience by competing with other good teams. For example, we get to know the feelings and atmosphere of intense competition with pressure and unexpected problems. Working as a team for a common goal, with the guidance of experts for producing the best model and competing on a high level is a unique educational experience. We get to function like professionals who take a project from an idea to manufacturing and then to intense competition. I will continue my participation in the future F1 projects because I enjoy this productive and demanding work and want to learn from senior experts.” Maximos Boboridis: Construction Engineer

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Our team is at your disposal for any information about the competition and our actions. The competition is a life changing experience for all team members. It is very important for us to have people around us who support and believe in our abilities and vision.

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