Our Team

Team Values:
Our team’s philosophy revolves around three keywords taken into consideration prior to completing any step of our journey, those being innovation, sustainability, and continuity. We are always pioneering new ideas while promoting sustainability and green racing, as well as providing regular support to the competition due to the team’s continuity strategy provoked by the unbroken bond created between the contestants and the F1 in Schools competition.

Team Philosophy:
All of our members believe in team spirit, we are all open-minded and passionate about our craft. We work with discipline, respect and integrity. We always try to push each other forward by exchanging advice and being open to constructive criticism so as to constantly improve allowing us to thrive and innovate. Through said innovative thinking we find new, profound concepts that create accountability on our side and therefore allow us to approach all our collaborations and partnerships with these values in mind as we strive to do the best for our sponsors/partners. These are the values that characterize an Anatolian Racer!

Our journey began in 2017 where three students full of admiration and passion for cars decided to take part in this competition. We did not manage to qualify for the National Finals but the experience we gained allowed us to do so next year. With some changes to our staff, we found ourselves in the National Finals, finishing 1st among all Junior High Schools and 6th overall. We qualified for the World Championship and thus created a new collaboration team, Anemos Racing, which represented Greece at the 15th World Finals, in Abu Dhabi. We claimed the 13th place among 55 teams while having the 3rd fastest car. This year the renewed team having world championship experience, is ready to repeat the process aiming even higher.

To design and build the most competitive car and develop a strong team identity; develop new skills, while inspiring our peers, promoting sustainability and STEM education worldwide

We innovate with passion and discipline while promoting sustainability

We develop and compete successfully, balancing determination and ethics, maintaining discipline and openness, projecting dynamism and responsibility

The Team Logo and Colors:
Our logo was designed by the team designer and later revised by a graphic design professional. It delivers a sense of power and speed with the flame in the drawing. In addition, the royal blue which is being used gives confidence between the members and the team. The colors used in the logo are mainly the colors thatrepresent our school.

The Rationale and Process of Creating the Logo:
Our logo was designed by the team's graphic designer and later revised by a professional in the field of graphic design. It delivers a sense of power and speed, some traits we take pride in. Before we started designing the logo, we thought it was a good idea to start by asking a series of important questions and analyzing our answers as part of brainstorming. Some of these questions were:
a) Why are we here?
B) who do we represent?
C) What do we value most?
D) What is our character; and many other similar questions. We continued looking for a theme connected to the competition around which we could shape the logo, a formula car wheel. Then we applied Kadinsky's theory which says that certain colors are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye when applied to certain shapes. To be precise Kandinsky claimed that: "a bright yellow complements the angular sharpness of a triangle, a cool, spiritual Blue is a perfect match for a circle. While an earthy, visceral red works nicely with a square.”Based on the above, in the design of the logo of Anatolian Racers, we applied the theory using a royal blue in the form of a car tire, which is round/circular.
anatolian races logo

Team Colors:
By incorporating two main colors and two shades of them into our logo, we were given a plethora of graphic options for the car, pit display, portfolio, sponsorship proposal, and more. In addition, with the blue and yellow colors, we also represent our school, while adhering to Kandinsky's color theory.

Color Meanings:
The royal blue color symbolizes trust, responsibility, honesty, and loyalty, it is used to create a sense of calmness and security while setting the tone and creating order.
Yellow emits enthusiasm, spontaneity as well as positivity, and overall happiness. It can raise awareness and create an “energetic” mood.
Finally, the sky blue color is used to create a sense of freedom, trust and wisdom. It suggests precision, inspires trust and stimulates productivity. Combining all characteristics mentioned above you can get the core values of an Anatolian Racer!
anatolian races logo colors

papanastasiou panagiotis leader engineer

Papanastasiou Panagiotis

Leader and Engineer

Panagiotis participates in the competition for the third year and is the team leader and the head of the engineering department of the team. His responsibilities as a leader are to coordinate all team members and oversee all parts of the project so that the team is competitive. He also organizes the time, assures that the team follows the deadlines, manages the risks and as a more experienced team member he advises the others on their development. In addition, as the head of the Engineering Department, Panagiotis designs, researches, tests, controls and manufactures the car and writes the Design and Engineering Portfolio.

papaikonomou dimitris resource manager

Papaoikonomou Dimitris

Resource Manager

Dimitris participates in the competition for the second year and is in charge of finding resources and sponsors for the team. His main responsibility is to find sponsors and manage the funds. He is collaborating with businesses and Panayiotis to provide the necessary materials and financial support. Its role is to create the budget, the sponsorship strategy, and manage the financial costs and resources of the team. He works with Anastasia to create an effective marketing strategy and promote the competition and the team.

papaioannou jassonas graphic designer

Jason Papaioannou

Graphic Designer

Jason is participating for the first year and is our team's Graphic Designer. Using his knowledge in design, Jason has put his creativity to work and has created the logo and the whole identity of the team. In addition, he oversees its use consistently across all sections of the competition. Jason also draws outlines for social media along with Anastasia and outlines of all team work. Lastly, Jason develops the design of the pit display.

papanastasiou anastasia head of social media and website

Papanastasiou Anastasia

Head of Social Media & Website

Anastasia participates in the competition for the first year and is the Head of the Social Media and the Website. Anastasia is responsible for creating the website and manages the social media. Her obligation is to think of ideas that will make the group's social media unique and to create and reconsider with Dimitris help the group's marketing strategy. She also arranges the group's social actions and public appearances.

filippos vryzas design engineer

Filippos Vryzas

Design Engineer

Filippos was the Leader and Head Engineer of Team WOT. His role includes helping Panagiotis with the design of the car and the writing of the Engineering Portfolio.

neoptolemos zervas R&D engineer

Alkiviadis Pantazis

Nasos Papasarafianos participates in the competition for the first time. Nasos is a supportive member and marketing assistant.

alexandros routsonis marketing assistant

Maximos Boboridis

Maximos Boboridis participates in the competition for a second year. Maximos is a supportive member and construction engineer.

ioannis athanasakopoulos social media assistant

Leonidas Mitsas

Leonidas Mitsas participates in the competition for a second year. Leonidas is a supportive member and social media assistant.

ioannis athanasakopoulos social media assistant

Nasos Papasarafianos

Nasos Papasarafianos participates in the competition for the first time. Nasos is a supportive member and marketing assistant.

ioannis athanasakopoulos social media assistant

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Dimitris Dimitriadis participates in the competition for a second year. Dimitris is a supportive member and resource assistant.

anatolian racers team